Sunday, 15 June 2014

Whale, of a Time

The Bunavoneader Whaling Station, North Harris, operated for exactly half-a-century from 1903 - 53. It is now a ruin, with a chimney as a monument to a once-thriving industry.

The hills beyond to the north are devoid of population. The same applies to the mountains beyond Leith Harbour, South Georgia, where the industry flourished and foundered between 1909 - 65.

There were connections as many men from the Western and Northern Isles went to take part in this South Atlantic trade. Their work featured in last Monday's BBC4 programme - Britain's Whale Hunters: the Untold Story - which concludes tomorrow evening. Time for iPlayer and a highly-informative article by Adam Nicolson in the Daily Telegraph.

Scottish Islands Explorer - Scots are frequent explorers

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