Thursday, 1 March 2018

Aye Write!

Glasgow's Book Festival, Aye Write! will include a presentation on The Islands Book Trust's publication, Madame Scotia, Madam Scrap by Helene Witcher. It's in the form of a conversation between the author and Anni Donaldson, taking place at 11.20 on Saturday 24 March at the Mitchell Library, Glasgow. The full details and booking arrangements are here. As Margaret Bennett wrote about the subject of the book, '.... Heloise (Russell-Fergusson) must be remembered, not just for her pioneering music but for her adventurous spirit, her spirituality, her generosity, and, yes, her eccentricities.'

Scottish Islands Explorer - the book is reviewed in the current edition
Digital Edition: available at £1.99 for the single copy, £9.99 for the year

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