Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Compare & Contrast

There's a somewhat misleading element about this photograph of a cruise ship in Lerwick Harbour with, apparently, four passengers strolling off. The season begins this week. When, later in the year, the MSC Maraviglia (171, 598 gross tonnes) arrives, one could see 4,500 passengers and 1,500 crew disembark, if all left the ship. Read the item in Shetland News, compare and contrast the numbers involved and, perhaps, be grateful that you are not in the town centre or at a tourist site on Shetland mainland. It could be crowded.

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Rebecca smith said...

We wrote to the lovely people at the Visitors Information Centre in Lerwick before we left Australia and they were really helpful. Among other things, they gave us a timetable of the summer cruise ship arrivals and we were able to plan to be at lesser known sites in Shetland on those days and thus avoid the crowds. We were really appreciative of the service we received from Sally Sandison and the other staff.