Sunday, 27 January 2013

Cinderella Islands

Here's Davaar Island, at the mouth of Campbeltown Loch on the east side of Kintyre. In the 1960s there were stamps produced for visitors to mail items to Campbeltown where they would have to have Royal Mail stamps in order to go further. These local stamps are sometimes called 'carriage' or to philatelists, 'Cinderella' varieties. They continue to be produced for the Summer Isles and there was a brief spell when Great Bernera operated a service. The latter fell foul of the authorities. Insights will be welcomed into this type of commercial activity on other Scottish islands. It has also flourished on Lundy, in the Bristol Channel, and on the Calf of Man.

Scottish Islands Explorer - franked at Hastings by its printers


Marc Calhoun said...

South Rona has produced some excellent carriage stamps over the last ten years.

Marc Calhoun said...

Also, not too far from Davaar, is Sanda, which has been doing stamps for 50 years.