Monday, 28 January 2013

Road-to-Ferry Ratio

Here's a fine view for passengers approaching Papa Stour, Shetland, from the ferry. This could be the island with the lowest road mileage that has the services of a regular vehicular ferry. The waiting room (below)

is adjacent to the ferry terminal, which is about a mile from the air-strip (below) where the road ends.

Of course there are occasions when agricultural machinery is conveyed from West Burrafirth, on Mainland Shetland, to work the island's extensive fields, but there is virtually no network of metalled roads to provide routes for cars. There are some spurs to crofts adding, perhaps, another mile. Can anyone propose a lower ratio of, say, 2:1 on another Scottish island?

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David & Margaret Gartside said...

How about Easdale, or is that just a passenger ferry?

Scottish Islands Explorer said...

Easdale is a passenger-only ferry and I cannot recall there being a road on the islet. However, back in the days on slate-quarrying there must have been a need for vehicles. Any insights, please.