Thursday, 3 January 2013

Remote Control

There were times when such matters as communication, exposure to weather, access to medical services were completely out-of-control as far as people living in remote settlements were concerned. Now whether we live in Scotland, Spain, Samoa or South Shetland, the most isolated of places can be reached relatively easily. David and Margaret Gartside have been following this blog's recent trail of out-of-the-way houses and present a photograph of the ruins of the blackhouses on Lunga in the Treshnish Isles. To residents of these homes, Mull was a hub, not an off-shore island. To us, we can select the Ardnamurchan Charters website and see a range of Lunga and other Treshnish images. Here is a real case of remote control.

Scottish Islands Explorer - likes lonely livelihoods  


David & Margaret Gartside said...

Thanks John. Ardnamurchan website has a very good overhead photo of these same ruins, beautifully set on a wide legdge part way up the south west face of the island. Best visit time is May/June for spectacular bluebells, other flowers, guillemots and puffins close enough to shake hands with,


Anonymous said...

As a biology teacher in the 1980s I took an A level group to camp and study seabirds on Lunga. We met the Treshnish Auk-ringing group who showed us petrels, shearwaters and puffins. It was the best teaching I ever did in 30 years. Richard Clubley