Tuesday, 1 January 2013


The timeless view of the beach on Vatersay has been viewed by generations, each with a different perspective. It is likely to be a favourite haunt during 2013. Contrasts are often a source of interest on this website. Below is a neat juxtaposition of the old, the symbolic remains of the whaling industry, and the new, the modern terminal and ship, on Coll. Both images are supplied by David and Margaret Gartside, who consider this blog to be a favourite of theirs.

Yesterday's end-of-year trip to Mulhagery and Valamus brought out 59 'participants' on the video journey and 263 visitors to the website. That lifted the December 2012 total to 4069 and the all-time number to 47,565 since Wednesday 11 May 2011. We must rank on a favourites' list somewhere. Enjoy your visits to the site, and to the islands, during the year ahead.

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Unknown said...

Beauty of a beach. Vatersay is such an interesting island with a colourful history.